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Accidental Witness

Life’s a Chess Match-Make Stellar Moves!
Life’s a Chess Match-Make Stellar Moves!

Other than Hal and Princess Bae there are very few people who know who I am. During a reveal with a dear friend, she didn’t ask for details about who was implicated in the documents, but rather about my emotions and spiritual journey. It was difficult to articulate as my soul squirmed and entered dark places in search of truth not just for me but for you, too. My suspicions are that many won’t believe the unusual events that happened to me. Nevertheless, I set out to craft a book that would provide what I would want to read if I were the bystander to such a historically explosive find. Will the public treat the news as a wake-up call to question the freak show on the horizon and consciously reflect on how we should live . . . or will they react like Parana in a feeding frenzy to crucify me to aid their denial? Most likely, it will be both.

The truth is any of us, if challenged with finding these documents would naturally choose a different strategy and interpret the data differently. Someone else might even have had the advantage as a participant or observer. There are oodles of witnesses, accidental or otherwise to what happened on September 11th, 2001. Share what you know! Together, the puzzle pieces will continue to align beyond people and politics. Nothing can minimize the exceptionally detailed satanic ceremony confirming the illusive shadow government is alive and well.

Beyond the avalanche of corruption, coincidences, and circumstantial evidence my hope remains that Princess Bae’s story is not lost in the mire of global corruption. An overarching fatal tension is building across the world in the conflict between good and evil. When the US government provides a nonprofit status to the Temple of Satan to honor religious freedom, while the CIA classifies the verified ruins of Noah’s Arc as “top-secret” it’s clearly foul play in favor of evil. This is not unlike the Bill Gates moving his nonprofit to Switzerland to obtain global vax immunity while Big Pharma buries vax ingredients as top-secret for 75 years.

Take the blinders off, dear. SEE the world and cross-check your decisions and impressions. Few things are as they seem until you are willing to live with your heart and eyes wide open. Send me your questions and comments. Watch your flank.

Never Forget: Love Mom!

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    Hi, thanks for stopping by!

    Greetings Truth Seeker,

           When I found the evidence about who called the shots on September 11, 2001, my worldview changed dramatically.  It’s easy now to see what the wicked masterminds are up to. A skill you can hone for yourself during these particularly challenging times. Despite the chaos and unknown each of us face, we are fortunate to be ascending along with the universe. We ALL have a part to play.  
            My goal is to share what I’ve learned and rock you out of stagnated thinking. Perhaps even create avenues for you to perceive life differently. Humanities hidden backstory (where the global puppet masters reside) is barely visible to the uninitiated. Once you lift the veil, the opaque becomes crystal clear, never to become cloudy and incomprehensible again.
        Various attempts at levity allowed my writing muse to remain active while my heart was breaking. Admittedly, my twisted humor isn’t for everyone. No offense intended. God helped me remain steadfast when I saw no end in sight. 
            When all is said and done, you will believe as you choose. Rightly so!  I’m only a messenger sharing my story. Who I am is not important. Raise your awareness of the chess game between good and evil visible on the local, national, and global stage every day. Feel greatness gnawing in your gut.  Be ready when destiny calls. Send me questions and I’ll blog about those with the most universal interest.
            My most sincere wish is that each day brings you love, light, and laughter as you access your inner frontier and heroic self. Suit up and show up to confront the trials on the landscape spanning the equator. Welcome to your heroic journey!

    nothing is impossible,
    when you accept that nothing, but possibilities abound.

    Warmest Regards! God’s Blessings Always. . .
    Love, Mother of the Nation

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