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Rage or Radiance

This powerful kinesiology exercise (muscle testing) will rock your world while YOU learn intimately where your real place of power really lies. I found this so profound it affected me to the core of my being. If you tend to be a hot head, you may be surprised that this experience may help control the fire in your belly on any topic. We all need that right now, eh? Find a partner to conduct the exercise. Switch roles and take turns so both participants have a soul-stirring experience. H.O. Kendall created this muscle testing exercise presented in Dr. Diamond’s 1979 classic, Your Body Doesn’t Lie

Learner:    Stand tall with both feet firmly on the ground with your feet a comfortable distance apart to feel grounded or fully balanced. Follow the cues from the instructor. 

Instructor:     Have the learner extend either arm at shoulder height while the opposite arm is relaxed at one’s side. Face your subject and place your left hand on the right shoulder to steady him or her. Place two-fingers on the learner’s wrist with light pressure trying to move the learner’s arm towards their side while they resist. Once you are comfortable with the procedure ask the learner to:

  • Extend an arm and think of a negative experience and nod when they have selected one. 

  • When they nod, place two fingers lightly on the wrist of the learner and apply pressure firmly, quickly, and evenly while the learner tries to resist. No need to go macho, Rambo! It’s not a question of who is stronger, but of whether the muscle can be “locked” at the shoulder joint against the push.

  • Note what happens. 

  • Repeat the exercise with the learner imagining a positive or loving experience

  • After a nod to signal readiness, place two fingers lightly on the wrist of the learner and apply pressure while the learner tries to resist your pressure. 

  • Note what happens.

AVOID asking for the best or worst scenario. People get stuck choosing. Any negative or positive memory will work.

Are you shocked with the results? During our angst, anger, and thirst for revenge we can feel a false sense of power. However, the proof is in your biochemistry. The Creator designed humans to be most powerful when they use positive rather than negative energy. Now are you able to see why Christ said to love our enemies? Together we have immense power to pierce their dark souls with the light, besides if you use the Bible for intel, revenge is left to the Creator. Don’t panic! Self-defense is allowed.

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