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Superman, Superwoman or Super Kid Pose


Ignite Your Immune System & Ingenuity

This potent, yet quick and easy exercise is helpful to gain stamina for your mental and/or physical health during the days to come. Dr. Cuddy went against the grain of the profit-grubbing Harvard University and discovered that assertive body language not only conveyed a message to counteract a threat, but the individual was much more confident and successful to achieve a desired outcome. The reduction of stress hormones that damage our bodies with free radicals is another bonus. This exercise is perfect life in the fast lane or lockdown. No gym membership or clothes needed and only two minutes out of your day. Your kids will like playing superman and won’t guess it’s therapeutic.

EXERCISE:  Stand tall, chest proud, head high with eyes lofty and hands on your hips. Comm’on, you know the drill. Superman – Kid -Woman! Hold the position for two minutes.


RESULTS:  You will feel more confident and initial findings include the reduction of testosterone and the stress hormone cortisol.



This hack adds an affirmation to the mix during the two-minute pose. Observe what happens over time. I added the repetitive daily affirmation, I grow younger and younger every day for the entire two minutes. Six weeks later, I met a stem cell expert. We traded services. Indeed, the stem cell injections resulted in me growing younger each day. My life coaching clients add an affirmation to this pose, too, with interesting results.

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