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Mitigate Vax Damages


Choose Your Healthcare Carefully

Many people did not get the COVID vaccination voluntarily. If you were tricked, bribed, or coerced into taking the vax you aren’t alone. Now what? The serum includes graphene oxide, spiked proteins, metal fragments among other things along with deadly parasites. It genetically alters human cells. The vax can cause blood clots, nerve damage, sterilization and enlarged hearts. It’s also making numerous people magnetic. There are great natural doctors and health veterans that are issuing recommendations to reduce long-term damage. Follow the experts here:
Given what you’ve read please rethink the constitutionality and wisdom of taking an experimental vaccination. Here are the current sources for treatment protocols to reduce vax damage:

Dr Zelenko (Z) recommends his protocol for the vaxed to prevent the cytokine storm. 

Andreas Kalackas on chlorine dioxide and the vaxed 

David Avocado Wolfe has a spike protein protocol at 
Zeolite can help by pulling heavy metals and other toxins safely out of the body. The more things you do for detoxification, the better. The human body is miraculous. It’s possible to heal from anything if you do the proper interventions.

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