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Mental Gymnastics: Play List for LEGENDS!


Affirmations for Troubled Times

Many of you are well versed in the art and science of affirmations. Lipton and Hay taught us that the wee voice in our head filled with condemning self-talk may sabotage our health and heartfelt intent. This is no time for self-sabotage! It’s important to raise our vibrations with our thoughts, in the same way the last exercise describes ways to enhance our vibrations with our actions.

            Affirmations coupled with prayer are an extremely powerful combination. Dr. Lipton teaches our thoughts are powerful enough to change our DNA. Mike Dooley says it like this: “Thoughts are things. Pick the good ones!”  If you prefer scripture Jesus said it differently,

All things are possible to him who believes.

Mark 9:23

Affirmations are just the ticket to counteract divisive partisan during these challenging times.

CHOOSE one or more affirmations from those listed, tweak to your liking, or write your own. Repeat the statement(s) in your head or aloud. This is an exercise of acting “as if” imagining that you already have the mindset or traits. Repeat often. Just like physical exercise, your results are based on your efforts. God is known by myriad names. Customize these affirmations with the name you prefer.

  • I imagine united citizens of planet earth leaning into pro-humanity spirituality.

  • I imagine safely choosing an unfamiliar road to support my faith, family, and the sovereignty of my nation. 

  • I imagine humanity rejecting the status quo that robs us of freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  • I imagine the entire planet flooded in love for our enemies to stop the storm brewing in our lives.

  • I imagine using my rage to fuel research verses violence or complacency with my eyes and heart wide open.

  • I imagine a world free of the influence from the deep state and the deep church.

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