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Turbo Charge Your Energetic Signature


This exercise will help clarify why anger is not your power position. If you completed the muscle testing exercise you likely had a jaw dropping experience to realize your body strength is stronger when in a positive state of mind rather than swimming in negative emotions of revenge or anger!

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, 
but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, 
“Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says the Lord.
Romans 12:19

FEED YOUR POWER POSITION! Let’s look at how in your everyday life. Dr. David Hawkins discovered a simple means to muscle test a person to evaluate the positive or negative energy present in the body of a thought, belief, place, thing, or activity. Two hundred (200) is the magic dividing line between positive and negative. The further on goes down the rabbit hole below 200 the more one slips into emotional problems or dis-ease.

            During these chaotic times, a turbo energy boost could be the extra strength you need to deal with the cabal’s aggression. David has written extensively on this topic. Power vs Force is fabulous! Here are a few snippets to clarify how you spend your time, affects your energetic signature.


Some countries remain in quarantine. Rethink lockdown activities that are health enhancing if you find yourself under house confinement again or in a refugee camp. Focus on the items above that keep your energetic signature at 200 or above for most of your day. Watch fewer negative and violent movies, pet your four-legged kids more and watch more nature films. Don’t forget Disney Productions are toxic due to covert use of subliminals. Virus and disease vibrate at incredibly low levels, less than 10 along with depression. Boost your energetic signature each day to reduce your health risks making you stronger for days to come. Don’t lose hope! We are, indeed, fortunate even if it is a tad scary to witness and participate in this historic and biblical event. Lean into your spirituality whether you know you have any or not. The Homeland Security Manual and the Masonic Creed say we can beat their neurological technique with our mental prowess,  with focused intent if we use the skills. The brilliance of Dr. Lipton and Dr. Braden prove it’s true.

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