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Is Dow Chemical Your Grocer?


Easy Detox

Detoxification is vital to rid your body of foreign bodies and toxins. No Truth in Labeling Laws has contributed to the FDAs 100-year lie about food safety. Food manufacturers use over 300 untested chemicals in products on retailer shelves. Remember Obama when you send prayers to the evil ones. It’s important to keep your immune system as strong as possible for what’s to come. Lock down may have caused binge eating junk food—it’s time to cut the crap! Detox your diet and thinking to upgrade your body to the next best version of who you will be. By the way, if you think your government is legalizing pot because it’s the logical thing to do, best think again. The American public water systems have been laced with fluoride since WWII. This toxic substance (sedative) was used to control the prisoners at Auschwitz. The sabotage is obvious. The banksters run every racket on the planet including drugs. Look at one of America’s current hot button issues: legalized marijuana. Why would the illegal drug cartel permit this, now? Simple. They will get their cut through taxes. More stoners equates to less resistance to tyranny. I’m not judging, just saying. Pick your poisons carefully and detox from those things that will not serve you in the days to come.

Drastically Reduce or Eliminate “Fake Food” from your Diet


A sure sign of fake food is a label with words you can’t say or even read. Fifth grade science still rings true. Foreign bodies (like eating untested chemicals) that enter and live in our bodies create inflammation, the origins of ALL disease. Today, babies are born with over 200 toxic chemicals in their blood stream with adult toxicity upwards of 700 foreign substances. IF you fueled your auto like you do your body, the vehicle would have died after its FIRST fill-up! The Cuckoo Diet is why American’s have lost nearly 2 years off their lifespan and immigrants lose 16%.

Detox Options:

There’s a terrific book you might consider, Detox for Dummies. Detox can be a cleanse with a fluids only diet for varying lengths of time. Or detox can be a clean diet devoid of processed foods with a lifestyle change. Any Naturopathic Physician will tell you death begins in the colon/gut! Your results on the Toxic-Crud Scale will show how badly you need to modify your diet. The more conditions you’ve gotten, the more detox will improve your health, attitude, energy, and well-being. Chronic disease can be reversed with detoxification, focused, heartfelt prayer/imagery, and affirmations. Read Bruce Lipton: The Biology of Belief.

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