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Toxic Crud Scale


Toxins Create Symptoms and Disease!

Rockefeller hired scientists in the 50s to find ways to utilize the byproducts from his oil refinery. A quick search will reveal petroleum products are in cosmetics, cologne, and hygiene products as well as prescription drugs and plastic production for starters. The American cuckoo diet and commercial goods industries play chemical roulette with no Truth in Labeling Laws. If there’s even a small part of you that finds it hard to accept that the untested, unregulated chemicals in manufactured goods have a detrimental effect, complete this quiz. In less than five minutes you will see the glaring truth exposed by your body. Patriots remember, shadow government operatives directed this to happen!

This quiz will help you find conditions/diseases 
with chemical links.
Your lifestyle, NO Truth in Labeling Laws  
and lax FDA guidelines all contribute to your dis-ease burden.

Place a check mark next to any known conditions you or a family member 
have experienced or have been diagnosed with.


___ Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

___ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

___ Depression

___ Bipolar
___ Migraines and other headaches

___ Seizures

___ Anxiety

___ Panic Attacks

___ Hallucinations / Delirium

____   Explosive Temper & Verbal Abuse

____   Violent Aggressive Behavior

____   Criminality

____   Delinquent before age 14

____   Alcoholism

____   Drug Addiction

____   Birth Defects

Ears, Nose and Throat 
___ Sinusitis
___ Polyps
___ Tinnitus
___ Recurrent Otitis

___ Arrhythmias        
___ Hypertension            
___ Hypotension
___ Reynaud’s Phenomenon

___ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
___ Implant Syndromes
___ Gulf War/Agent Orange Syndrome
___ Parkinson’s
___ Cancer

___ Asthma/COPD
___ Reactive Airway Dysfunction (RADS)

___ Eczema
___ Hives
___ Rashes
___ Skin Eruptions

___ Irritable Bowel
___ Acid Reflux

Connective Tissue/Musculoskeletal
___ Fibromyalgia
___ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
___ Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction
___ Arthritis and Lupus

Source: Adapted by Mother of the Nation from Miller (1997). “Toxicant-induced loss of tolerance: an emerging theory of disease.” Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 105 (Supplement 2) p.446.


Fill in the Blanks
How many conditions do you have from the list? _______________

How many total conditions do your family members have? __________

Toxic Crud-Induced Illness Scale

REMEMBER positive change comes with self-discovery. If you are genuinely surprised about the number of conditions you, your friends or family members have with chemical linkages you now have valuable information for future purchasing decisions, so Dow Chemical is not your grocer!

REMEMBER reducing the toxins you eat or allow in your sacred space will begin to improve your quality of life and your health, IMMEDIATELY!

REMEMBER people reverse their poor health conditions every day by changing the narrative and reprogramming their THINKING so the toxins won’t harm them! 

REMEMBER to check out Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, and Louise Hay to further understand and counteract dis-ease and reinforce the vision of the future you want.

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