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Gathering Intelligence


Many of us will stand with friends, family and our deity of choice today and the days to come. Here are a few things to think about. All households/families have their own personality. No matter what kind of family dynamics you have, arrange a meeting to talk about the danger on the horizon. That works if everyone takes part. However, here’s a soul-ution when people choose to opt out that may entice them back. Customize family roles with fun names that may appeal to the adults as well as your kids to lighten things up a bit. Be creative. Try to find blessings as well as humor in your circumstances. If your child identifies with science fiction a role of like Guardian of the Galaxy will work, especially if the youngster is a tad too young to understand the concepts of good versus evil.  Here’s are examples: 

  • Visionary Gatekeeper

  • Prayer Warrior

  • Thought Ninja

  • Sacred Records Keeper

  • Guardian of the Galaxy

  • Curator of the Constitution

Your family-smart plan might cover answers to these questions. It’s up to you!

  1. Where will you meet if your loved ones, crew, tribe, extended family are separated?

  2. Will you vaccinate?

  3. Is your go-bag packed? Or will you shelter in place?

  4. Do you have 12 months of prescriptions and food?

  5. Do you have an active spiritual life? Or are you seeking one?

  6. Will you join the Spiritual Militia to pray for our enemies?

Tailor your family roles and goals with your unique family or extended family’s needs. Good luck and keep the faith. You may find the Great Awakening Code of Ethics helpful.

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