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21st Century Affirmations



The vast majority of us know the difference between how it feels inside when we feed our soul with negative versus positive soul-utions. Our mind is like a computer chip; programmable based on what we create or obsess about at the deepest level. Philosophers, coaches, therapists, neuroscientists, and the clergy alike tell us if we believe we are beaten, we are. “What you can conceive and believe you can achieve” is a statement that will ring true with every success story. Flip the script and write the new middle and end of your story. We are living in the most thrilling times on earth to witness the prophecies thousands of years in the making. Here are sample affirmations for the 21st century. Tweak to customize for your circumstance. There are only two rules for writing affirmations. The affirmation must be worded as though the desire has been fulfilled already….this can be accomplished using the word “imagine” leveraging your current reality into the characteristics you desire.



When Hope Dies


ONENESS                  I imagine the oneness of all beings: I am never alone on this shared journey.

EQUALITY               I imagine the unity of all earth residents beyond race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or species.


POLITICS                  I imagine the clarity of vision to see hidden danger on the landscape.


SELF-ESTEEM          I imagine claiming my divine right to live without genocide, rejecting commercial propaganda that can sabotage my health and future for me and my family.


AWAKENING          I imagine living life eyes wide open with the tools and courage to be who I am destined to be without manipulation.


PERCEPTION           I imagine learning about my personal, social, cosmic, and planetary identity; we are all One.


SPIRITUALITY        I imagine knowing my Spiritual Source and asking for help to deal with ANY adversity.



When Times Get Tough


RENEWAL                I imagine learning to heal the rage within to start the recovery process for any unexpected life problem.


VISUALIZATION    I imagine learning the value of creating images in my mind’s eye of what I want to my life to be like.


BETRAYAL              I imagine using my rage to fuel my transformation in a prosocial manner.


CHOICES                  I imagine learning to pick my poisons carefully.


GROCERIES             I imagine my tailored grocery list as my secret health elixir.


REVOLUTION          I imagine life as a series of lessons, leaving the past behind, moving forward, liberated, and healthy by self-design.



 Legend in the Making


KNOWLEDGE          I imagine learning to REVIVE-SURVIVE-THRIVE in a toxic, deceptive, and chaos-filled world.


WISDOM                   I imagine heightened awareness of life in the 21st century to omit support for those that put profits before people and the planet.


PREVENTION          I imagine taking the road less traveled actively supporting life, liberty, and freedom for all who adhere to pro-social and pro-humanity agendas.


SERVICE                   I imagine sharing my knowledge and skills in service to others.


LEGENDARY           I imagine taking an active role in the unfolding of the universe by  reinventing myself as needed changing me and the world.


EVOLUTION            I imagine the triumph in the war between good and evil won by those who stand on courage, pro-humanity principles, and faith.


UNITY           I imagine being part of the most important revolution on the planet from the privacy of my home as an active and vigilant prayer warrior.

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