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This website is dedicated to creating a Spiritual Militia (prayer warriors) to forge our collective consciousness beyond doctrine with prayer power for our nation and world during these troubling times. If you are so inclined visit our scheduling function to signup for a time to pray for humanity and the transformation of our enemies. Let’s reach the goal of 24/7 prayers with the help of our prayer partners to Help Unite Citizens of Planet Earth and Help U COPE with the unfolding of prophecies in Revelation. Here are the broad philosophical anchors.
Universal Life 

Help Unite Citizens of Planet Earth

WE, the people, STAND as united citizens of planet earth in opposition of the agenda to oppress, control, incite, brainwash, abuse, enslave or murder any lifeform, species or people of any race, culture, age, religion, or gender.


WE, the people, BELIEVE every citizen has a role and part to in the spiritual militia as midwives to a world without tyranny.


WE, the people, TRUST all sovereign pro-social nations to manage their own affairs and evolve independently,


WE, the people, ACT with love and kindness on behalf of all; we are all ONE!


WE, the people, unite beyond doctrine and PRAY for inner strength to achieve freedom, equality, liberty, and justice for all nations, free from any person, organization, or secret society that oppose a humanitarian world for all.


WE, the people, WITNESS the transparent evil that has perverted and pervasively penetrated our democracy and world. We are firm in the conviction that the spiritual militia armed with prayer will prevail.

Nothing in Nature lives for itself.
Rivers don’t drink their water.
Trees don’t eat their fruit.
The Sun doesn’t shine for itself.
Flowers don’t spread their fragrance for themselves.
Living for others is the rule of Nature.

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